Glue Bonds

Nowadays every woman is very particular about their hair and they want their hair looking long, thick and strong. Women all over the world try different cosmetics, hair extension methods and herbal products for their hair to make them look good. In fact, they spend a lot of money on hair care products to make them look the best they can, however, sometimes these hair care products do not show any type of results and it ends up in a total waste of money. It is also advisable to always have an expert opinion before buying any kind of product or trying some new experiment on your hair.

It is common to see a woman who goes for short hairstyles, in the end, the results are not up to the mark or those women who have weak or thin hair are always looking for a suitable product to manage their hair easily. Therefore, hair extensions are recommended for them which can solve their hair problems very quickly and easily. There are many types of hair extensions which include micro, nano and some of them are bonded by keratin glue.

The most popular hair extensions are glue bonds and are attached strand by strand method. In this method, 20-30 strands of the hair are linked by glue bonds together.  Keratin-Bond Extensions are small amount hairs which are glued together to create a perfect bond. They are available in curls, straight and wavy styles.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that hair extensions should be fitted by an expert. The benefit is that the expert will fit the extensions carefully and with professionalism without any hassle. However, if the hair extensions are fitted by an untrained person than it may result in wrong fitting and damage to their own natural hair.  It is imperative to get an expert consultation to know what the best method is for your hair and to get it colour matched to look perfect,

Overall if you want to maintain the luscious looks of your hair then you must be careful and save your hair from sea water, chlorine in pools and coloured shampoos that might tint the hair, always use sulphate shampoo for glue bonds otherwise the sulphates in normal shampoo will result in the bonds breaking down and shampoo and conditioner for better results.  It will not only make the extensions smoother and softer but it will also enhance the overall beauty of the hair.