Micro Rings

As women, we want to try different hairstyles, sometimes short while sometimes medium-length. But, most of the time, we want it long. Having a longer hair becomes a problem when our hair is short. It becomes a problem when we had tried a trending haircut that does not look good on us.

We live in a world of following trends and celebrities and one big aspect are beauty and how we look, we change our look all the time especially our hair, sometimes our hair is too thin on short and therefore result to hair extensions. There are many kinds of hair extensions. A popular method for thick hair is micro Micro rings. The use of micro rings for hair extensions are becoming popular because of its ease of use and easiness to maintain.


What are micro rings? As defined in bellatory.com, "micro rings are non-adhesive hair extensions. In which the client's natural hair is attached to the weft of the extension via a very small ring or loop. Wherein the hair extension technician will then press very closely to the scalp, thereby securing the bond without the need for adhesive. The result is extremely natural-looking, secure, non-damaging, and looks enduring."


Micro ring hair extensions are attached buy a silicone bead, these beads are then closed around the hair with pliers to ensure tight fitting,

The hair is usually sourced from China or India but you can also buy top end hair from Russia or Mongolian hair.

The hair is graded from 1A to 9A and 9 being the highest grade and 1 the lowest, the lowest grade has a more synthetic mix that will take high temperatures to use heated appliances whereas the high grading has a less synthetic mix and more natural virgin hair.

All hair can be bought in different weights from 0.5grams being the lightest and 0.8 0.9 and 1g weight.

There are few tips we should follow to maintain a gorgeous looking hair.

Be aware of chlorinated water because if using light coloured extensions they can discolour so always keep tied up.

Also, swimming in sea water is not advisable as the salt will dry the hair extensions,

Always use a tangle teaser made for hair extensions as these glide over the bonds.

Apply conditioner to mid lengths and ends and not on the roots where the bonds are as this can cause slipping and loss of hair,.

This will make hair extension softer and shinier.