Nano Rings

Every woman loves to have perfect, soft and healthy hair and to keep them up to the mark they try different cosmetics and hair products. It is common to see women changing their hairstyles often to look different and elegant. Infact, nowadays hair extensions are setting new trends. Therefore, those women who are worried about their hair should try to use hair extensions to give you hair a natural long look.

Hair extensions are also divided into different grades which includes from Grade A to AAAAA+. The basic difference between these grades is about the quality and hair size e: g in A category there will be less than 50% of hairs measuring the size of 18”, similarly in the AAAAA+ category all of the hairs will measure the 18” size.  These categories have different sizes and quality. Therefor the more as the better-quality hair.

 Hair methods Nano and micro rings are very similar in application but totally different in size, Nano hair extensions are rapidly growing as one of the popular hair extension. Nano rings are the smaller in size as compared to the micro rings and it is easy and quicker to apply them on the hair.  The Nano ring process is to apply the small metal bead to the hair and apply the hair extensions under the bead, whereas the micro ring hair the hair applied to the top of the ring.

It is always recommended that these hair extensions should be fitted by an expert. Nevertheless, the experts will fit them correctly without messing around with the hair. The fitting of Nano hair extensions can only be done by an expert; therefore, it is important to ensure that the expert you have chosen can do the job in the most perfect way.

Nano hair extensions are very small and are difficult to see them from a distance just a few steps away. If the extensions are fitted by an expert you will have a great experience with the Nano hair extensions as they are relatively small as compared to the micro rings.

Indeed, if you want to have luscious locks with Nano hair extensions then you must maintain them and follow the precautions such as avoid pool and sea water. Another important tip is to brush your hair regularly, apply good quality hair oils and keep them maintained, it is also important to use good quality hair conditioner to ensure that your hair is healthy, silky and smooth.